Investigating gene control mechanisms that drive development and disease

and applying lessons learned from these studies to building a better heart.

Welcome to the Boyer Lab

We investigate how the regulation of complex gene circuits informs developmental outcomes using heart as a model system. We also apply these models and methods to develop novel therapeutic strategies for stimulating cardiac tissue repair.

Our ability to combine genomic, genetic, biochemical, and cell biological approaches both in vitro and in vivo allows us to gain a systems level and quantitative understanding of the regulatory circuits in both normal and pathological conditions. Ongoing efforts using tissue engineering to model the 3D architecture of the heart will also lend itself to this effort. More broadly, we discover fundamental principles that can be applied to understanding developmental control mechanisms across systems.

It will be great to see my son Jared on campus as part of the class of 2023 - don't worry Jared, I promise I won't bring you your lunch during class😉!

Here is a link to a Faculty Spotlight article about my journey to science...

We are excited to host postdoc candidate Adriana Blazeski from Johns Hopkins! Looking forward to hearing about her exciting work on cardiac modeling for disease and drug screening.

Here is a link to a Faculty Spotlight article about my journey to science...

Great visit with Yibin Wang's lab from UCLA during their visit to Boston last week! Thanks for coming by MIT and for the terrific discussion on cardiac maturation.

Please stop by Alex Auld's poster from our lab if you are attending the Keystone Symposium on Mitochondrial Biology in Heart and Skeletal Muscle in Keystone, CO.

Our new lab website has launched! Please check us out and let us know what you think and follow us for exciting updates about our work. @boyerlab2

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