Investigating gene control mechanisms that drive development and disease

and applying lessons learned from these studies to building a better heart.

Welcome to the Boyer Lab

We investigate how the regulation of complex gene circuits informs developmental outcomes using heart as a model system. We also apply these models and methods to develop novel therapeutic strategies for stimulating cardiac tissue repair.

Our ability to combine genomic, genetic, biochemical, and cell biological approaches both in vitro and in vivo allows us to gain a systems level and quantitative understanding of the regulatory circuits in both normal and pathological conditions. Ongoing efforts using tissue engineering to model the 3D architecture of the heart will also lend itself to this effort. More broadly, we discover fundamental principles that can be applied to understanding developmental control mechanisms across systems.

Thank you to @innoVitroBio for awarding our lab with a FLEXcyte grant! We are so excited to leverage your cutting edge and quantitative platform to solve really important questions in the field for understanding cardiac cell fate and function!

We are thrilled that our work to develop high-throughput Expansion Microscopy was awarded funding from the MIT Jarve Fund! Thank you for the support!

We are thrilled that our work on investigating the mechanisms of anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity with the Hemann lab was recognized by a KI Frontiers grant! Thank you!

Alex Auld will be speaking about his remarkable work on the link between metabolism and cardiac muscle development at the Bio Department's Data Club on March 18! Expect to be blown away...

Congratulations to Constantine Mylonas who was selected for a talk at the CSHL: Systems Biology-Global Regulation of Gene Expression meeting. A huge honor, unfortunately, the meeting has been cancelled due to coronavirus :(.

Congratulations to the lab's very talented Pema Maretich for her promotion to Technical Associate 2. Thanks for your superb work and commitment to the lab!

Congratulations to Meghan Davis for her selection as a 2020 EMGS Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program recipient! You rock Meghan!

It will be great to see my son Jared on campus as part of the class of 2023 - don't worry Jared, I promise I won't bring you your lunch during class😉!

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